How Would You Analyze Criticism Of The "Electoral College" System And The Alleged Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Reform Proposals?


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It seems to me that criticism can be analyzed against at least a couple of criteria.
 - is the critic correct?
 - has the critic identified something that needs fixing?
 - is it possible to fix it without introducing worse problems?
 - has the critic dragged in issues that do not fall within the scope of the system under discussion?

 - the winner of its vote may not be the winner of a majority of the popular vote (indeed, there may not be a majority winner of the popular vote)
 - some people are underrepresented relative to other people.

Some of the disadvantages of the reform proposals are
 - they don't solve the problem
 - they introduce much worse problems
 - certain unexpected election outcomes are still possible
 - the popular vote outcome may not be reflected in the outcome of Electoral College voting.
More details are available at the link above, which expresses a definite point of view.

Fair voting is an elusive goal. Every scheme proposed to date will give a counter-intuitive or undesired result under some circumstances. Most voting reform proposals seem to disregard this mathematical fact.

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