What Role Do You Think Extra Curricular Activities Play In Education?


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Extra curricular activities can be both an extension of regular education but can also bring in a variation of learning that may not be able to be achieved during normal school hours.

The main roles that extra curricular activities play in education are as follows:

• They aid the development of the student's social and interaction skills
• They look great on a CV when applying for colleges and universities
• They can give extra confidence to a student who may start to enjoy school more
• They can highlight skills and talents a student may not have been able to show otherwise
• They give the student the responsibility of time-keeping and turning up voluntarily every week

Extra curricular activities are an important part of school and can be the activity that a student really embraces which can in turn help them enjoy school and work harder. If it is a team sport that the student plays after school then it helps teach the student on the importance of teamwork and will improve their interaction skills.

Students also learn new skills or new topics when participating in extra curricular activities and these skills can be very important later down the line when they are applying for further education or even jobs. There is also usually more contact time with the student when they are partaking in extra curricular activities as the classes or groups are usually smaller and the time the teacher or coach has with them is longer than a normal school day class.
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Activeness- on the move!
They teach teamwork
They let the creative juices flow!
For a good social life
Stress busters!
Better time management and prioritizing
Raise in self esteem
Holistic and all round development
They harness talent, the right way!

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Now a days Extra-Curricular Activities are
much important. Such activites are also important for a
well-rounded education

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Extra curricular activities plays a major rule in student's life. They help to enhance the skills in learning new things.

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Extracurricular activities allow your child to make a contribution in
some way. It shows that they are getting away from just thinking about
themselves and contributing to something else. This is important in
their growth as a person.

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