Would Morad Yasin And Iqbal Qureshi Complete The 7th Floor Mystery 2009?


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Thanks for asking about the story...
You, its true., well,  I am a writer and I wrote very interesting  stories about the world of the unseen,  the world of the hidden creatures, who live with us and our eyes cannot see.
I decided to produce the story as a film and I made the first practice scene  which is the one you  have seen in youtube.
At the time of shooting this clip something rather unusual happened with the actor, he for some reason felt uncomfortable and said that  he could feel the presence of another being of sort.I could also feel the presence of another which I never told the actor about it.
So we had to stop the shooting for that night.
After going home I decided to have a quick look at the little amount of shooting that I have captured, and it chilled me to the bones  to notice that the clip contained the image of a person he was never there with us. He was like a shadow following the actor who moved like he did, walked like he walked and dressed like he was dressed but looking at that clip for the 97th time I could tell that it was something unexplainable.
I am fortunate that I have captured it on film which I have every intention of letting people see that clip which I would reveal when this movie complete.
Until then what you have seen in youtube is all that I can post for the moment.
(I have also come across certain experiences after shooting this clip which I considered is a massage to stop and not to popularize what the 7th floor is all about. Scene  its not factious. Amidst all the happening I have decided to continue shooting and if there should be any strange happening I am sure to capture it on tape which I will show after the movie completed.
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You I heard about the movie of the 7th floor hopefully they will surprise us

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