Should Schoolboys Wear Short Trousers? If Yes: Until A Certain Age Or All Ages? At Which Terms (or Maybe Year Around)?


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All shool boys should be kept in short trousers until they are 16 years of age.
Shorts have to be worn the year round without any exeption.
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Yes! All schoolboys should be kept in short trousers until they leave school. And of course year around without any exceptions.
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Yes until at least 13. It enforces humility and instills docility,Excellent form of discipline!
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All boys should wear short trousers until they are 15 yrs old. All year round whilst at school.
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Restoring Discipline in British Schools:
The General consensus of opinion is that discipline has collapsed amongst a plethora of liberal initiatives. Daily Express recently suggested restoration of caning, which could never happen legally, and ruins sensible discussion. A better solution is:
1. Make compulsory the wearing of traditional grey short trousers for all boys 5-16
2. This would ensure boys had their childhood and did not become "Men" before
their maturity had really arrived
3. It would bring boys' uniforms in line with girls (manyb of whom still wear
traditional school dresses and white socks - despite maturing faster than boys
4. A "rite of passage" from childhood to adulthood (and resposnibility) would be
5. To make the point, the short trousers should not be fashion statements, but
traditional grey shorts stretching from waist to half way down to knee
6. Only schools, with the backing of parents could make this happen, but
something this drastic (and legal) needs to happen
7. Some liberal educationalists would object, but they are now bankrupt of ideas,
some even  intimating it might encourage paedophiles - weak argument and it is
far more likely that sex-education at too early an age would help paedophiles.
8.The cost of short trousers woulod be less than long-trousers, and healthier.
In conclusion this step might just restore some discipline among boys to schools
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Yves Larochelle
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I would extend the compulsory wearing of short trousers for all schoolboys up to 18 years old. I would implement it gradually each year starting from Form 1 to Form V1 with no exception.
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At all ages at the parents discretion.This has brought my 17 year old into line,he no longer wears a hoodie and hangs around with his daft mates,bothering people who just want to shop.
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Yes. All year round from the start of school until year 9 when puberty will have set in.
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I think that parents should keep their sons in short trousers as long as they are in secondary school or high school up to 18 years old.  Older if they repeat a class.

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I don't agree with keeping boys in short trousers up to sixteen.I'm sure they would feel too self consious.

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