Can my daughter go to school without wearing knickers?


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Depends on age and length of skirt, if your daughter wears mini or micro mini skirts to school, then she should certainly be wearing knickers, if her skirt is knee length, then maybe she could get away with it. However, I don't think a girl under 12 years of age should go without knickers any how.
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leigh leighly
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Yes she is 9 yrs old and wears minis or micro minis.
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Leigh - As mentioned before your daughters knickers are often visible under her micro-minis and there is nothing wrong with a 9 year old giving a glimpse of her knickers, however, no knickers would mean her backside would obviously be visible. Has she asked to go to school without knickers?
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No, not until she is older but you should explain that its not wrong not to wear any knickers but someone at school will notice & this will lead to a lot of name calling. So compromise & say after school take them off
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There is no rule saying she must wear them so why does she "have" to in the first place?  Studies have proven that hygienically (especially for young girls) those who go without "knickers" are actually healthier than those who wear them daily. From a psychological perspective, if she wants the freedom of a no knicker life and she is not pulling down her pants every chance she gets then let her run with it until there is some reason not to.  She gets the mental boost of having some control over her life and learns about making choices to suit her needs and not those of everyone else.
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I think all the answers received are appropriate. What "Jacks Webb" says I'd have to agree with most combined with "John Thomsen's". At age 9, I would wonder why she would want to, especially if she is wearing short skirts. What is the purpose? Comfort or show? At age 9 is she the one asking? Wearing pants, certainly no problem, but a short skirt?? Draws a lot of questions, especially at that age. Does she go to an all girls school or co-ed?
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leigh leighly
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Thank you for the helpfull answers. We have a sort of compromise in that she wears knickers and short skirts for school but is allowed to go without knickers at home and when she is out other than school.
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Leigh, I have to ask, why does she not want to wear knickers? Ok I do sometimes go knickerless, because I VPL, but your daughter is a child, she really should be wearing knickers.
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Yes if shes comfortable doing it , it be ok
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I think in primary school is best to wear knickers, but simply get into the habit of removing them once she is home. Once in secondary school, a girl will be a lot more mature and will know how to move and dress in a way that prevents any embarrassment, so going without knickers should not be a problem, but always ensure she wears a clean underskirt everyday.

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Not a good idea, since boys will flip up her skirt if they find out. Or should I say ''when'' they find out?

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