Twice The Difference Between Four Time A Number And Five Is Six. Can You Find The Number?


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2(4n-5) = 6
4n-5 = 3    (divide both sides by 2)
4n = 8    (add 5 to both sides)
n=2    (divide both sides by 4)

2(5-4n) = 6
5-4n = 3    (divide both sides by 2)
-4n = -2    (subtract 5 from both sides)
n = 1/2    (divide both sides by -4)

It depends on what you mean by "the difference between __ and __".

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'the difference' is ambiguous, but I would generally say that this refers to the positive value , or abs(x-y).
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You will note that 'the difference" is positive for both answers. The answer just depends on which one gets subtracted from the other to form "the difference." If you write it as 2|4n-5|=6, you get the same pair of answers.

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