Where Can I Find Free Printable Writing Prompts For Second Grade?


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The best way to find anything like writing prompts would be to go on a search engine and type in what you’re looking for. Most search results would bring back to you a number of educational websites that specifically provide help for student teachers or anyone who has run out of ideas. Examples of these websites are www.abcteach.com, www.homeeducationresources.com, www.schoolexpress.com and www.edhelper.edu.

If you choose to explore abcteach.com, then you will find that their website is very simply laid out so everything is easy to find. They have quite a large number of free materials that you can access under headings like core subject, reading comprehension and home schoolers. If you wish to get more out of the website then you can become a member. If you do you can access over 40,000 printables, Interactive and PowerPoint materials and they will even send you a weekly newsletter with details of any new products or materials they get in. For one year’s membership, the current price is $39.99 which means that you can access everything on their website for less than $3.95 a month. You can buy a two year membership for just $69.99.

The next website, homeeducationresources.com also has some free printable resources that you can access. They are all available in pdf format which means that you can simply open them in Adobe directly from the website and print them from there. It is also possible to purchase a membership from this website too. The current price is $13.95 for three months, $24.95 for six months and $47.95 for a year.

This list is not exhaustive so if you don’t wish to pay a membership, it’s recommended that you browse a number of websites and sees what free printables they have available for you to use. You never know, but you might find all the printables you need by simply downloading them from different websites.

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