Why Did You Choose Human Resources As Your Major?


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If you think you are good with people, want to make policies in the future, would like to interview people, offer them a deal, make job descriptions for them, negotiate with them, perform appraisals, identify training gaps and needs, Train and coach people, make employee handbooks, make employee benefit plans, create compensation plans and handle employee data then HR is the specialization you will want to choose.

HR is an important field since this is one of the basic support functions of a good organization.The HR is the authority to hire or fire people.It makes the rules the employees follow.

If you are interested in the activities that I have mentioned in the first paragraph then HR is the right field for you.

I have myself done my Master in HR. At the Bachelors level, I hadn't decided what major to choose for my Masters but gradually I realized that I was good with people and would like to be have the authority to judge them on their skills and performance and be in charge of appointing or firing them. I also had an interest in training and coaching people and that lead me to my degree in HR.
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HR (Human Resource) is a specialization which has grown in scope in the last few years and it is now that people realize the importance of HR department.

People select HR as their specialization to be able to work in an HR department of company. The main purpose of the Human resource department is to satisfy the needs and demands of the employees. This can range from policy making on the aspect of salary, bonuses, benefits, working hours, holidays and other aspects that concern the employees. Therefore a strong Human Resource department means more benefits for the employees.

Now the question comes who would like to make HR as their specialization. The answer is simple. People with the hunger to serve. People with the attitude of making a difference in other people's lives. It is those people who would like to make other lives better so that others can benefit and enjoy as well as they are doing, who choose Human resources as their major.

In order to become an expert in this field. Many universities offer courses in the MBA programs which offers Human Resource as their major. A person interested can therefore simply choose the major and get going so that one day his good deeds can bring a difference in some ones life.
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Nowadays the HR department is progressing at a high level; that's why people find a good scope in that field. The HR department is found in every field of life. They are working in every organization. The purpose of the department is to solve the problems of the people regarding their jobs or the work performed by them. If they have any problems they can directly refer to HR department of their organization.

We always choose a career in which we see chances to move upwards and nowadays HR is a department in which they can explore there jobs. It includes a variety of activities and the main key is to make them satisfy or hire the needs of the employer. Recruiting the employee for their best performances, dealing with their performance issues and the problem related to their management.
They make sure that employer is using such policies which are fruitful for the organization and also for the benefit of the employer. They have to create a safe and good atmosphere between the employee and the management.

So in this way this department is leading in every organization, therefore people choosing HR make there future bright.
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After completing bachelors a person is required to select a field. So many people went towards sciences some go for teaching and many selects the field of either administration or human resource management, it is also knows as HR.

HR is typically related to the resources available in office to run all activities. Major tasks done under this field consist of Payroll, Recruitment, Leaves, Training management, Hiring, terminations, Provident fund ( PF ), Gratuity fund ( GF ) , and so on .

All the activities done by the HR personnel is very common. It is also said that as accountant have always so many jobs and a vast space to work for the same is the case for Human Resource Person. Every organization if wants to be good and achieve the heights of success always required having the Human resource department, a good resource can only aid an organization to grow higher and higher.

A person if wants to get the confirmation that at least he or she will get a job anywhere he tries to fit into this field.so he always selects a field which can give a good job.
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Human Resource Management is a rapidly expanding area as an increasing number of organizations are realizing that their employees and their employees' expertise are vital assets to the company. These degrees aim to show you the importance of this area and how to manage people effectively in order to improve the success of a business. It helps you develop a range of transferable skills, which will help you to formulate, evaluate and recommend solutions to business problems, take responsibility and initiative in projects, develop information technology skills and communicate effectively.

They also work in a variety of roles. They may, for example, be responsible for recruiting and selecting the best employees available for a job. They also counsel employees, conduct training and career development programs and perform job evaluations. They work in compensation and benefits administration and participate in negotiations. They also engage in personnel research and job analysis. Human resource managers usually get to top positions quicker than other managers. I think these might be reasons people go for specialization in HR these days.
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Major in HR is a good career choice. I am also planning to go for it and the reason is that HR is expanding very rapidly. The transformation from personnel management to Human Resource Management has proved that productivity of an organization is partially dependent on the HR department of the company. This is also admitted by the companies and the scope of HR is growing. For example, Southwest Airlines have names their HR department as "People Department" and they consider that the skilled labor in their company is only because of HR contributions.

Moreover, the skills like ability to work with diversified people, promotion of the organizational goals, persuasion, congenial personality and to work under pressure can also make an individual best for this field. Individuals with HR majors are considered as assets and they are offered advanced positions like arbitrators, and managers. Moreover, Majors in HR is a good option for the individuals who are always interested to get authority and contribute in important decisions of the companies.

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