What Is The Literacy Rate Of Missouri?


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Missouri has among the lowest literacy states in the United States, with 17% of adults in the state scoring the lowest out of five levels of literacy. However, almost half of American adults have limited reading and writing skills. Increasing literacy programs in any state can greatly advance the opportunities they are given, which can significantly improve their quality of life.

• Giving people access to literacy opens up a whole universe of change for them. Good literacy rates will also have a dramatic impact on the community and national level. It has the power to reduce crime, promote democracy, prevent disease, and contribute to economic growth.
• Investing in literacy also translates to investing in human capital. In places where there are higher levels of literacy, companies don't have to spend as much to train their people and produce good profits yet their employees get to enjoy a better socioeconomic status and good quality of life.
• Although literacy roughly translates to being able to read, write, and speak well, there are also other definitions that others argue should be considered when discussing literacy. This includes the ability to handle information, listen, work with numbers, make decisions, solve problems, and express ideas.
• Due to the rise of the internet, other definitions of "literacy" have also come about, which are still extremely important because it means that a person has become more relevant in the modern times. This includes being computer literate, technologically literate, and multimedia literate. More programs have been developed nationwide to help more people learn how to use the internet and computers which will contribute to their literacy even at the basic stages.
• There are other kinds of academic literacy which is used in school, such as being arts literate, ecologically literate, and health literate, among others.

Literacy is important throughout the world, which is why educational agencies and government bodies continually develop means of spreading literacy for the benefit of people and countries.

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