How To Find The Sum Of The Angles In A Quadrangle Without Using A Protractor?


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The sum of angles in a quadrangle is 360 degrees. Divide the quadrangle into two triangles which each have an angle sum of 180 degrees. 180 + 180 = 360
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Nice but how do you measure each angle. How do you know what the measures are with out measuring.
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Knowing the sum does not require knowing the measures of the angles. Your question is about the sum. It was answered properly.

If you want to know the angles without measuring them, you have to have information about the quadrangle. A square, for example, has 90-degree angles, by definition. The same is true of a rectangle. For other geometries, you need to know some measures of the figure that would let you compute angles.
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My fourth grader just learned. Draw an arc in each corner of the quadrangle. Tear off each corner so you can still see your arc. Place torn pieces together to form a circle.
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Try to use the following:
    1. Apply the theorems.
    2. Use a sun dial.
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All you have to do is get a regular ruler  and measure all the sides and the add them up

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