The sum of 4 angles in a quadrilateral is equal to 360 degrees?


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Yes. A quadrilateral has a sum of 360 degrees in its angles. Here's an easy way to remember:

A triangle has 180 degrees as a sum of its angles. Add 180 for each added angle.
Quadrilaterals have 360 degrees
Pentagons have 540 degrees
Hexagons have 620 degrees

And so forth. Hope this helps!
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I agree that this is the easiest way to remember! 180(N-2) is what they want you to remember, but I always go the simple way.
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Yes . That is true . One of the properties of quadrilateral ( any shape having 4 sides , edges and corners ) like square , rectangle , kite etc. Is a shape of 360 degrees . For eg. A square has all its angles equal and each is at 90 degree and when we add  90 , 4 times we get 360 .

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