What Are Some Ways In Which American Society Is Stratified?


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The stratification in America is mostly based on socio-economic values. And the major determinants of classes in society are wealth, occupation, income and education. There is basically a lot of diversity in the people of America and there are many differences amongst the people. The society is divided into three basic classes which are the rich, middle and poor class. However, most of the people in the country can be considered in the middle class. Due to the diversity and all the differences even amongst the classes, some sociologists have divided the society into six classes which are upper class, upper middle, lower middle, lower class, poor class and under class.
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Stratification is basically when a society gets into distinct parts because of inherent characteristics of those parts. The American society like any other society is also stratified into various classes. There are many reasons for it such as culture, religion, income level, etc. American society has distinct class when it comes to income as there are extremely high income groups, moderately rich, middle class, below average and extremely poor people. Then on the basis of culture, there are stratas such as American, Chinese American, Mexicans, Asians, Southeast Asians etc.
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What way in which American society is stratified, what do you think the impact is on society is on society when groups are stratified.

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