What Is A 17, 18,19 And 20 Sided Shape Called?


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The names of the sided shapes as mentioned above are as follows:
  • 17 sided shape
A 17 sided shape is called a heptadecagon or a heptakaidecagon. This is part of the polygon shapes.

  • 18 sided shape
An 18 sided shape is called an octadecagon (octa meaning 8 and decagon meaning 10)

  • 19 sided shape
A 19 sided shape is called an enneadecagon (pronounced en-ee-deck-uh-gon)

  • 20 sided shape
A 20 sided shape is called an icsoagon.

All of these shapes are from the polygon family. A polygon simply means that it is a shape that is bounded by a closed path or circuit, which is made up of a sequence of straight lines or edges. Each polygon is named after the amount of sides it has as seen above.

Other examples of this are:

A 30 sided shape is called  a triocontagon
A 100 sided shape is called a hectogon
A 1000 sided shaped is called a chilliagon
These polygons are named right up to a million sided shape which is called a megagon and an apeirogon which is a degenerate polygon with infinite sides.
A lot of the names of the shapes are derived from Greek including the word polygon itself which translated means many corners or angles.
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Basically all of these are polygons and they have different names depending upon the number of the sides. A polygon with 17 sides is known as Heptadecagon or Heptakaidecagon, polygon with 18 sides is known as Octadecagon or Octakaidecagon, polygon with 19 sides is called Enneadecagon or Enneakaidecagon and a polygon with 20 sides is named as Icosagon. I hope this information will work for you.

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Amber22, thank you SO much! Now I need to find out what a 13 and 34 shaped polygon is called...
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Thank you for telling me what a 17 , 18,19and 20 sided shape is called
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A nineteen sided shape is called nonadecagon

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Hey peoples a hexagon is 12 sided

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