What Is A 3D Oval Shape Called?


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A 3D shaped oval is simply called an egg or an ovoid in mathematical terms. If the shape is three elliptical shapes together, it is more spherical and is called a prolate spheroid, or oblate spheroid but this just depends on which way the shape is placed.
In advanced geometry, the shape is also known as an ellipsoid as it is made up of the ellipse shape. The egg shape is common in many mathematical puzzles as well as in art.  
It is a quadratic surface with a higher dimension than a ellipse.
For mathematical questions to do with the ellipsoid here is a good link.
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Ovoides -meant egg

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A 3D oval shape is called prolate ellipsoid in advanced geometry. Where ellipsoid is a quadratic surface that is higher dimensional analogue of ellipse. You can find more details about prolate ellopsoid at the link below:
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