What Is The X-intercept, And Y-intercept Of 4x-5y=20?


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I think first you need to get it to y equal first take away 4x form both sides  then divide  by -5 then what ever is beside the x is the x intercept I hope I helped
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4x - 5y = 20    (your equation)
4x/20 - 5y/20 = 1    (divide both sides by 20. This puts the equation in what I would call "intercept form".)
x/5 - y/4 = 1    (simplify)
x/5 + y/(-4) = 1    (go the last step)

"Intercept form" is this:
x/(x-intercept) + y/(y-intercept) = 1

We immediately recognize that
  x-intercept = 5
  y-interctpt = -4

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