Is All Sperm Thick And White Or Can It Be More Diluted And Colourless ?


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Sperm is a milky color that varies from man to man. It can be thick & white sometimes, or much thinner and I'd say almost colorless.
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If someone was to ejaculate 2/3 times per day, would this have a big affect on the thickness of the sperm over a long period of time?
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I doubt it unless you are into your 50's or so. If young man I don't think so. But even if so thinner is not automatically a bad thing. Semen is not just sperm BTW and I think that should be part of some of these answers.
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In general, it is white or yellowish and sticky fluid. At first it is sticky and lumpy then after awhile it becomes more liquid and watery.
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Semen can vary in color and consistency

clear to grey, runny to lumpy

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