How To Make Working Model Of Solar Water Heater For 10th Standard Student?


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A simple solar heater can be made by just using a large water cooler, some black paint or fabric, elastic bands and water. These solar heaters are an easy way to save money, even for those who have little space. This method can be used in both the summer and winter so it is easy to have cheap warm water all year round. Follow the instructions below to make a solar water heater in a method that is suitable for a tenth standard student.

• Collect water bottles that hold approximately two to three litres. They can be smaller bottles or larger but two to three litres will give a decent amount of warm water. Ensure that they have tight fitting lids and that there are no holes or punctures in the plastic.
• The covering can be done using black paint of black fabric. Spray paint works better than acrylic as it is less likely to crack and peel off in the sun. Spray the bottle from top to bottom and make sure that every part is covered. If you have the time, give the bottle a second layer of paint. The darker the covering, the more effective the heater will be. If you are using black fabric, cut it big enough that it can wrap the bottle (like you would gift wrap a wine bottle) and be secured around the top with an elastic band.
• Once the bottle is fully covered, fill it to the top with water. Once the lid has been secured back on the top you can now place the bottle in a sunny spot. Somewhere behind glass is ideal, either in a conservatory or on the dashboard of a car. If you want to speed up the process, surround the bottle with shiny foil or a mirror. After a few hours the water inside the bottle should have warmed up nicely with no electricity used at all.
• These bottle heaters can also be used in the winter. Place them near, but not right next to, a radiator and make the most of the heat coming out of it.

These simple solar heaters are a great school project that is easy to do and eco-friendly as well.

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