Describe Ways That The Setting Can Help All Members Work As A Team? Describe The Information Which Needs To Be Shared By Members Of The Adult Team In A Pre-school Settings.


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The setting and environment can have a big impact on the ability of staff to work as a team especially in an education setting. Here are a number of ways which could improve team work:

· Staff meetings - These should be conducted on a regular basis and can involve different selections of staff which may help encourage more efficient teamwork. Departmental or annual meetings can be carried out to discuss curriculum, whereas full school staff meetings can be held to discuss wider topics.

· Buddying systems - Some schools have introduced a buddying system which essentially pairs up staff so that they have someone to discuss issues with and work closely with.

· Joint classrooms - This often occurs through necessity rather than a choice, however this can be a beneficial move for team-work providing there are clear divides and job roles in place.

There is a lot of information which should be shared, especially between the teachers; who are involved in the care or teaching of the child or situation in question.

Information to be shared could include the following:

· Individual health issues - If a child has an illness or allergy it is essential that all staff are informed and that this information is shared, whenever a new member of staff (even temporary staff) has any involvement with the child. If a child has asthma for example, their carers should know how to deal with an asthma attack if it should occur.

· Family and home issues - The people who are involved in the child's care and teaching should be informed of any issues going on in the home life of the children. This could be anything from a new sibling born into the family; which may result in unusual behavior to the child being placed into care. All issues within the family can have a significant impact on a child and should be treated with care and sympathy by all involved.

The above points are obviously just a small number of examples, but once with this information it should be easy to come up with some further examples.

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