Describe Ways The Pre-school Setting Can Work In Partnership With The Parents Of The Children With Disabilities Or Special Educational Needs?


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Parents of children with disabilities or special educational needs and pre-school institutions can work as partners in promoting quality education by providing programs suited for children's needs and implementing them with each other's cooperation.

It's a fact that children with disabilities or special needs can't learn at the pace similar to those who're normal. They need more varied learning approaches and a great deal of patience. Teachers alone can't help these kids learn. Parents must also take their part in helping their children become productive and independent learners in the end.

In today's time, many educational institutions have organized their own special education classes to cater to children with disabilities. Their curriculum is different from that of the regular class. Oftentimes, the teacher-student ratio is also more manageable with one teacher teaching only 5 to 10 pupils with the same learning disabilities. Their schedule is also more flexible ranging from 2 to 3 hours everyday.

Since these children have special needs, it's a must for teachers to come up with lessons that will keep them interested. These children have very poor attention span and they also learn at a very slow pace. Most of the time, play is a part of their daily school routine. This allows them to mingle with other children and develop their social skills. They also engage in activities like arts and crafts, singing, and dancing to develop their creativity and bodily functions.

Parents of children with disabilities play an important role in the overall development of their children. They shouldn't just rely on the teachers to make their children learn. It's imperative that they conduct follow-up lessons at home. Not only that, but parents should also show unconditional love, care, and encouragement to their children. They should provide reinforcements or rewards to them to ensure they continue to do well in school.

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