What Are Your Primary Goals When Working With Children In A Preschool Setting?


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When working with children of a pre-school age, it is fundamental to remember how young and impressionable the kids are. Most pre-school children are aged between three and five years of age and this is probably their first foray into a life of independence and being away from the parental home. So you must remember that much of what you do will rub off on the children and may well be imitated, even when they are no longer in the classroom and are back in the family home.

Teaching is of little importance at this age, there is no point attempting to drum into kids fact such as capital cities, spelling etc. As it will often go unremembered, it is far more important to get the members of the class to familiarize themselves with things which will be useful at a later age. This could be in the form of images, paintings, pictures and letters, but not necessarily long written words. If a child sees all the letters of the alphabet on a regular and daily basis when it comes to learning the alphabet, then they will at least be aware of the letters themselves, if not the order of the alphabet itself.

Behavioral traits are also important at this age. Things like manners, politeness, and personal hygiene can all be encouraged at this early age as it will be retained in the child's memory for the rest of their life. In short, pre-school is grounding for a child before they go into the school classroom environment and take lessons. Pre-school should be an enjoyable environment for the child and a stepping stone from the home to a life of education and ultimately the workplace, so it should be the place where children learn the basics of adult life.

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