Can A Convicted Felon Get A Cosmetology License?


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The decision on whether or not you can get a cosmetology license, once you've got a conviction against your name, really depends on the body responsible for issuing your license.

If it is following the law to the letter, then you may be denied a license because of your criminal conviction.

Can you get a cosmetology license if you're a convicted felon?
The cosmetology license requirements vary from state to state. For a full list of the different criteria that each local authority asks applicants to meet, you can visit

However, none of the requirements on that list mention anything about criminal convictions - they're more focused around the type of training and education you received.

Unfortunately, state departments that deal with licensing and regulating businesses are a bit more stringent. They have to adhere to something called the 'Business and Professions Code'.

According to section 480 of this code, a board may deny a license if the applicant has been convicted of a crime.

Essentially, what this means is that the board has the power to deny an applicant based on a previous conviction. Whether they choose to do so (or whether information regarding a conviction is disclosed by the applicant in the first place) is a different story.

Although the rules vary from state to state, you may find the California Department of Consumer Affairs website very useful when looking for information on applying for a license in the following fields:

  • Cosmetologist.
  • Manicurist.
  • Esthetician.
  • Electrologist.
  • Barber.
  • Apprentice and Establishment.
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From what I can see so far, the answer is NO.

You can go to school and take the exams but you need to try and get the felony off your record in order to obtain any type of license
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Yes you can. I have a robbery with firearm charge, sentenced to 5 year prison.  I came home May 2011,  went to Remington College and passed the test and receive my licence 2 weeks after i took the state boards

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Basically, convicted felons can do many things. Of course, there are some restrictions and many things depend on what they were jailed for. But most of the people still have many biases which are amiss. Today, for instance, it's easy to find Jobs for Felons, to get back to normal life, to integrate back into society.

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