What Are The Undefined Terms In Geometry? Define And Give Examples.


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There are three words in the subject of geometry, and these are point, line and plane.

A point has no actual size (dimension). We represent points with a dot, but even so, the point is of no length, thickness, or width. Usually, points are named with a capital letters. A point is named by an ordered pair, (x,y), in the coordinate plane.

A line's length extends in one dimension and goes on forever in both directions, although it has no thickness. It is depicted to be a straight line, usually with two arrowheads indicating that it extends without end in both directions. A line is normally named by a single lowercase letter written on or by two points on said line with an arrow drawn above them.

A plane is devoid of all thickness, but extends indefinitely in every direction. Planes are represented by a shape that looks like a sort of tabletop or wall. Even though a diagram of a plane has visual, you have to remember that the plane has absolutely no boundaries. Plane's are named by a single letter (plane m) or by three non-collinear points (plane ABC).

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