What Is Undefined Math?


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A mathematical expression which has no meaning and which cannot be interpreted is known mathematically as 'undefined.' The best example, is dividing a real number by 0. For instance, let us divide 8 by 2. The answer obviously is 4. However if we divide 8 by 0, there is no answer for the simple reason that there is no number. We all know that 0 times any real number gives you 0 and not 8. This simply means that division by 0 is undefined; it is incompatible with division by any other number.

For better understanding, you can go to the calculator on your computer by clicking on Start-Run-Calc. Divide any number by 0 and you will get an answer which is not a number but a sentence; try it! Simply put, something which has no meaning in the world of math is said to be undefined.

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