What Is Base 8 Math? What Makes It Different From Basic Math And What Is It Primarily Used For?


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Base 8 (octal) math uses digits 0-7 instead of digits 0-9. The place values of the digits are based on powers of 8, rather than powers of 10. Example    456 (base 8) = 4*8^2 + 5*8^1 + 6*8^0 = 302 (base 10)  Base 8 representation of numbers is convenient for expressing addresses and/or data for some computers, particularly those with word lengths that are multiples of 3 bits (12- and 24-bit computers, for example). The biggest reasons for its convenience are   - only numeric digits are required (unlike hexadecimal, which uses 0-9 and A-F)   - it is readily translated to and from binary. Each octal digit represents 3 binary bits.
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Thank you for answering this query. I wandered how Base 8 math was related to computers and now I know.
I still don't fully understand it, however, I will continue studying it until I do.
Thanks again.
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The light may dawn if you try converting a multi-digit octal number to binary. Compare that to converting a multi-digit decimal number to binary. To do this, you may have to teach yourself to do division of an octal number by 2. (In octal, 10/2 = 4.)

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