Sally Wants To Buy Some Accessories For Her Hair. She Can Buy Two Scrunchies And Four Barrettes For $12.50 Or One Scrunchie And 6 Barrettes For $12.25. How Much Does The Scrunchie Cost That She Wants To Buy?


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If she were to make her first purchase 6 times, she would have
   12 scrunchies + 24 barrettes for $75.00
If she were to make her second purchase 4 times, she would have
   4 scrunchies + 24 barrettes for $49.00
The difference between these two scenarios is
   8 scrunchies = $26.00
Her scrunchies are $3.25 each.
Her barrettes are $1.50.
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Jenna earns $100
babysitting. With this money, she is able to buy the two things she was saving
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Jenna concludes that there are no trade-offs. What is the flaw in Jenna's
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