How Many Centimeters Equal 1 Meter?


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100 cm = 1 metre just so you know.
If one centimeter equals 10 millimetres. 100 centimeters = 1 meter so basically you multiply 10 mm by witch equals 1000 so I believe there's 1000 milimeters in one meter I'm not sure I'm really bad at math but that's what I think
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100 centimeters = 1 meter

"centi"  means "100"

an easy way to remember that is:
100 cents in  $1

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The suffix 'centi-' means hundred. That is why 100 cents are equal to one US dollar.
Similarly, one meter is equal to a hundred centimeters and one centimeter can be said to be equal to one hundredth of a meter.
Now suppose, your height is 175 cm but you want to know it in meters (possibly for a BMI calculation or a form that asks for your height in meters). So, to convert it into meters, you would simply divide this value by 100:
175/100 = 1.75 m

Similarly, to convert meters into cm, we just multiply the given value by hundred. Suppose, your friend's height is 1.70 meters. So, in cm his height would be 170cm:
1.79 x 100 = 179cm

It is actually quite easy to convert between the two and I am sure you would have no trouble doing so at all!
Have a good day!
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30 cm how much meter
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100 learn some day
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The above answer is ok, except for the last example; it is not 1.79, but 1.70m or 170cm.
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Cent means 100 so for example there are 100 years in a century so 100 CENTimetres is the answer

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