How Many Waves Measuring 500 Nanometers Would It Take To Equal 1 Centimeter?


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1 cm = (1 cm)*(1 wave/(500 nm)) = (10-2 m)/(500*10-9 m) waves
  = 10-2/(.5*10-6) waves = 2*104 waves

It would take 20,000 waves measuring 500 nm to equal 1 cm.
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Well....if you look at the two words (nanometers and centimeter) what is similar?the answer would be the "meter" part and of course the difference would be the "nano" and the "centi." But what does "nano" and "centi" mean?They are prefixes in front of the meter that explains how many OF that meter there are.let me give you an example.... 1 kilometer=1000 metersthe prefix "kilo" means a thousand going back to your answer... Nano means a billionth of (10^-9) and centi means one hundredth (10^-2). So you have 500 nanometers which is equal to 0.000000500 of a meter. Move the decimal over to the right 2 places and that's how many cm there are in a nanometer (0.0000500 nm). In other words you need 500X10^5=50000000 nanometers, which is .05 meters or 5.0 centimeters..... If I understand your question right.JOIN BROAD SCIENCE GROUP IF YOU NEED MORE SCIENCE HELP

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