I Want To Practice Speaking English, Is There Anybody Want To Help Me? Thanks A Lot.


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First:  English is easy to learn, only 26 characters--learn the alphabet A-Z.  Divide all words into syllables of smaller words easy to pronounce, then expand as you look up meanings in a Chinese/English dictionary.  Make a pen pal by asking him or her to help you.  Forget English grammer for the time being, just being able to ask something in English will help, your audience will help you correct the sentence for meaning in English.  Watch CCTV English programs. They say it correctly, follow their pronounments carefully.  Practice all the time, everywhere some one listens to you: Like in an elevator, a store or in your village with those who have a little knowledge of English.  Be a teacher yourself, help others learn what you know, that will make you a better English speaker.
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You already spell and construct better sentences then most of the people that post here and they're from the U.S!  I'll help a little.  Try this   {Is there anybody WHO wants to help me?}
By the way I think you mean "Mandarin" not "madanrian" .
Watch tv and listen to the radio and you'll do fine. Welcome to the U.S.A.

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I want to.  Just ask.  I was a English teacher in China for 7 years.

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