What Are The Best Lines To Use When Starting A Presentation? Also, What Are The Best Ways Of Concluding A Presentation?


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The best way to start is with humor but it has to done perfectly or it will start you off falling flat on your face.  If you can find a good, short story (even if it is something that happened to you on the way to the presentation) and can practice it to where you can do it flawlessly, it will help.
Humorous quotes are good too.

One good one is a Seinfeld story.  He say a survey was done asking people what they feared most.  Public speaking was feared by more people than the number that feared death most.
So he says if you have to be at a funeral, you are better off being the one in the box rather than the poor slob that has to give the eulogy.

But you have to consider your audience.  This story would not be good at a nursing home or hospital!

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