Write A Paragraph Naming Three Possible Agendas And One Example Of Each That You Might Find In The Media?


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Three main media agendas are as follows:

  • Due to the complex nature of society and the world, the media helps to form stereotypes in order for their audience to process information easily. There is a lot of controversy over body image in society and the media tend to use the stereotype, for example, in order to be a successful woman you need to have perfect looks.
  • For example, in a lot of magazine shows as well as print magazines, they influence their female readers to get a body like a famous celebrity by providing diet and exercise regimes.
Status Conferral
  • This type of agenda is referring to the emphasis and the attention that certain figures are given by the media. The huge control that the press has over shaping public opinion is vital in this agenda because if a public figure gains a lot of coverage from the media then he or she is important. However, a lot of negative media coverage can influence the public to dislike the individual they are writing about.
  • An example of this would be the amount of coverage that the press gives to politicians and celebrities. Celebrities especially are given a major status due to the media.
  • Framing refers to the way in which a story is told by the media and how they portray the subjects of the story. This is a big factor that shapes public opinion because the press can make an individual look better or worse irrespective of the real life situation.
  • For example, if a sportsman has been accused of committing adultery then a newspaper could either make the sportsman look innocent and targeted by the female for money or they could make him look like a cheat and shamed father.

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