What Are The Real-world Examples Of B2G COMMERCE?


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B2G is actually B2B, or business to business commerce - in this type of business model, one business sells to other businesses, instead of a typical customer who is buying a good or service only for their own use. With B2B, businesses sell products and services to other businesses, and they enjoy selling larger order to each client, because businesses tend to order more than individuals. For example, a paper company would sell stationery to a greeting card company that needs special, high-quality paper...or a business motivational coach would sell motivational tapes to a sales team at a retail outlet.

Benefits Of B2B Commerce

• With this business model, it's possible to avoid a lot of the consumer caution and buyer hesitation that occurs in normal, business-to-single-client interactions.  It's also easy to make connections and find new sales leads through business to business commerce; since businesses already have tons of contacts, they may share these with you in return for a small discount, or some other type of favor. Many people who do business to business commerce enjoy the professionalism of working only with other business people. Since the money for products and services usually comes from a business budget, rather than an individual's pocket, there may be less chance of getting scammed or ripped off when doing B2B - however, there is always the possibility of being taken advantage of in any business deal. Good contracts and escrow services can protect buyer and seller until a deal is fully closed and a sale is made.

Business-to-business commerce requires great products and services, along with excellent customer service and follow up. Businesses have plenty of options when they look for services and suppliers - therefore, taking care of the client and nurturing the business relationship is essential. When things go according to plan, B2B can be quite lucrative.

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