What is a lecture-forum?


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A lecture forum could be referring to an online forum where students can communicate with other students from their own lecture groups or classes. Perhaps the forum is for each individual class, where the lecturer can pass on extra work and allow students to compare notes on each lecture. If you want to use a website similar to this, you could sign up to The Student Room online. This website allows you to do a plethora of things, such as:

  • Communicate with students all over the world

The Student Room is for students anywhere, but mainly in the United Kingdom. It allows you to create your own profile with your university, college or school on it, to allow you to meet other people from your place of learning, or those who have already been. It means that you can get information about schooling life from those in the know. This is especially helpful during exam periods or when you're moving to a new college or university.

  • Have random conversations through threads

The Student Room allows you to start your own conversations on the site, by posting a thread. A thread is a conversation topic of sorts, meaning that other people on the site can search for the key words mentioned in your thread and then join in the conversation. This opens up your conversations to students everywhere, allowing you to make new friends and find out the population opinion.

  • Add your own avatar

You can get to know the people that you talk to on websites like The Student Room by posting a picture of yourself on your avatar. This will allow other members to put a face to the name regarding your profile, resulting in a better rounded friendship.

There are plenty of other things for you to check out at The Student Room!

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