What Is Meaning Of Word Aberrant And It's Use In Sentence?


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Aberrant means something which is different from the normal accepted standard. For example we expect a certain type of behaviour from a husband towards a wife and vice versa, if they do something different it would mean aberrant.

Sentence: Tim was aberrant in his behaviour when he got drunk at the Annual Day of the office.

This means that generally Tim does not do this, this behaviour was different from the normal standards that he has set for himself.
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"You aberrant continue to defy my orders". "Your aberrant ways will have you expelled indefinitely if you persist your role of duplicity". These two sentences that I have supplied should suffice.
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Aberrant means a person whose behavior departs substantially from the norm of a group or in other words straying from the right way . It also means deviant ideas.

He was having aberrant behavior with me last night.

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I thought Obama has aberrant behavior while he changed his promise about getmo, who knows?

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