What are blocked paragraphs?


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Paragraphs written in a block style are ones with the first line flush with the left margin. Example   The following paragraphs are written block style.  There are many ways to format a letter or other text. One can indent the date and/or return address. One  can indent the first line of every para- graph. One can indent the closing.  If one doesn't indent any of these  features of a business letter, then  the letter is said to be written in a block style. When date, return  address, and closing  are aligned at the center (or a little right of center), the style is said to be "modified block style."
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Block Paragraphing is simply a style of writing. They are paragraphs with no indentions. Use a 12 point font size. Center the main heading in bold 16 type font and 2.0 between each sentence.

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