What Is The Best Slogan For The Theme, 'Moving Forward Through Excellence In Mathematics'?


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Picking a slogan can be pretty tough, especially when your theme is as specific as 'Moving forward through excellence in mathematics'.

There are a number of approaches you may want to consider in searching for your optimal slogan, so read on to discover how to proceed.

The best mathematical slogan
The first part of your theme, 'moving forward', immediately triggers a number of related words in my mind:

  • advancement
  • progress
  • development
  • impetus
  • motion
Based on some of the terminology mentioned above, the following would all be potential slogans:

  • Advanced maths- not just a class you take in high-school. (Good use of humorous wordplay.)
  • Progressing past Pi. (Alliteration makes a slogan easy to remember.)
  • Mathematics in motion. (I really like this one, although it does remind me of 'Research in Motion'- the Canadian company responsible for developing BlackBerry smart-phones.)
Slogans for mathematical themes
Regardless of your theme, there are two main criteria that your slogan needs to meet:

  • Memorability - people need to be able to remember your slogan
  • Reflecting your theme - A good slogan will give people a hint as to what your theme is, without the need for explanation. People who hear your slogan need to immediately associate it with mathematical excellence.
Opting for an acronym is one clever way of going about finding a slogan - so something like this might work very well indeed:

M- Mathematical
A- Advancement
T- Towards the
H- Highest
S- Summit

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