Which statement best summarizes the conclusion one may draw from this passage? How do I know which one should I choose?


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Given that I don't have a passage from you, there is very little I can do to answer this question for you. What seems to be true, however, is that this is a question from academia - and in this case, I have some very valuable advice for you. The Internet is not the best source of information for a question this specific. No doubt the passage will be something from your academic studies, and this means that only you and your classmates will be able to do what the questions is asking. Hence, if you follow my instructions then you should easily be able to perform well in the future with this kind of work.

  • Your text books

Combining everything that you have learned from class, and everything you have learned from the text books, you can ensure that you have an all-round knowledge of what you are studying. Your text books can combine your knowledge with information about how to apply the knowledge. Reading the text book often and taking in what it says about applying everything you've learned would mean that you will be able to answer this question without any help in the future.

  • Your teacher

You may be scared about asking your teacher for help, especially if your teacher is new to you. However, what you need to remember is that your teacher will always be there to help you. You can be sure that your teacher wants you to have a high quality education. This means that whenever you have a problem, you should get right in touch with your teacher and tell them you're struggling. He or she would be pleased to help you out with any problem you're having.

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