What are five offences found related in hospitality industry in section 75AZ of the trade practice act1974?


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There are five offenses listed in 75AZ of the trade practices act of 1974 that are applicable to the hospitality industry. They can be found under 75AZC which tackles false or misleading representations, 75AZE for employment, 75AZI for misleading conduct in relation to services, 75AZL for accepting payment without intending or being able to supply as ordered, and 75AZS Product safety standards and unsafe goods.

• 75AZC Misleading representations- This section deals with false or misleading representations of the goods and services a company offers. Under this act any company must not misrepresent their goods or services to be of a particular quality, value or standard. This includes the place of origin of the goods and the condition of the goods. This offense is penalized in 10,000 units.
• 75AZE Misleading conduct in relation to employment- This section provides for certain guidelines when it comes to employment of personnel, including those under the hospitality industry. It states that companies should not mislead prospective employees regarding the availability, nature, terms and conditions and other matters relating to the employment. The penalty is also at 10,000 units.
• 75AZI Certain misleading conduct in relation to services- The provisions under this section are more applicable to hotels and other similar establishments under the hospitality industry. These establishments should not mislead the public as to the nature, characteristics, or quantity of any services. Violation of this section is punishable in 10,000 units.
• 75AZL Accepting payment without intending or being able to supply as ordered- It is a common knowledge in terms of sales that no one can give more than what he has. Once an agreement has been made between to arties it can be assumed that each one should do their part and deliver what is required of them. It is prohibited for any company to accept payment without the intention to supply the goods or services as ordered or to supply a different quality of goods and services. This offense is punishable on conviction by a fine not exceeding 10,000 penalty units.
• 75AZS Product safety standards and unsafe goods- this provision of the act is very important especially in the hospitality sector especially the food division of the industry. It is highly vested with public interest. The health and safety of the people have to be valued. This provides that establishments should comply with the product safety standards of the act. In case of violation the penalty is at 10,000 units.

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