How has media convergence changed american culture?


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Not just American culture, but all culture has been changed thanks to the whole new range of new media. Media is an incredibly powerful force in the United States, and thanks to things like Twitter, Facebook and rolling TV and online news, American people are now more aware than they ever have been. It was more difficult in the past to ensure that everybody understood what was going on in the world. It was in the interest if incumbent government to educate the people to ensure electoral success in the next election, but due to a bad and inefficient media it was near enough impossible.

These days, more or less everybody has access to the Internet, and without thinking about it we quickly hear information that has travelled the world. The news of Michael Jackson’s death was all over the word pretty much as it happened, all thanks to the Internet, social networking sites and new and advanced mobile phone technology, This is the biggest change in American culture. People now know more than ever, and that’s created a better society that is better able to make decisions and debate, thanks to new found knowledge. It’s not just celebrity news that we read, after all. Instead its world news that affects everybody’s lives, and everybody’s potential.

This culture change may anger some traditionalist, but in a world like ours we constantly need to be moving forward. Media has become one online streaming tool that people use, and this convergence has changed our society no end. Without it our lives would be completely different, and we would wonder precisely how we ever found out anything without our home Internet connections. It has made us more knowledgeable and allowed us to genuinely have our say on matters that affect all of us.

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