What Is The Easy Way To Speak English? I Am Trying But Have A Little Bit Of Fear To Continue The Conversation.


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Learning any language demands mastery in four skills, i.e. Listening reading, writing and speaking. Reading newspapers, magazines, English stories, watching movies, listening to BBC and CNN and even having a chat in different chat rooms are few of the techniques used nowadays. But there are different solutions for distinctive problems. Improving knowledge in speaking is a different task and improving at spoken language is a different story.  As far as written language is concerned, good and healthy reading is essential for good writing. You can never improve at writing unless, you read some good writers. Before moving on with my argument, I would like to make one thing very clear that language learning is a slow process that works at an unconscious level. When you read good material written with good vocabulary and in a good style, you will start following the same kind of writing unconsciously.  But you must keep one thing in mind, always read whatever you want to read. Don't push yourself into reading what you are not interested in. If you will compel yourself to read unwillingly, you will lose interest in reading and you will ultimately quit reading. So, read only those articles or stories that strike to your mind.  Regarding spoken language, one thing is very important and that is your medium of thinking. As I have already mentioned that language learning is a slow process and works at an unconscious level. So, the language in which you think is very important. Mostly the foreign speakers of English think in their native language and then translate it into English. In this way, your mind has to do double work. You must think in the language you are going to speak. A question takes place in mind how we can limit our thinking, as we cannot enforce our mind to think in one particular language. The solution for this problem is very simple: Start talking with yourself in English. Make small sentences and talk to yourself. For example, if you are driving, you can say to yourself "there are a lot of cars moving on the road today. People seem to be in a hurry." Or things like that.  Listening can be improved by watching good movies or listening to CNN or BBC.  Lastly, practice is very much essential for improvement of both written and spoken English. It is only and only through practice that you can perfect yourself. You must write and you must speak if you really want to improve.
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If you are in a non- English speaking country, of course you can not
avoid learning English. You may have tried so hard you read many
English books and you pay a lot of money for learning English but
deeply inside you feel you don’t go anywhere. You still can not speak
English fluently, still cannot communicate very well with foreigners.
Why? Because you learn English only few hours a day, you learn with
brain which what you have learnt would stay very shortly in your memory
and then fade away. Could we make it permanently as driving skill and
bicycle riding skill? Don’t give up I’ll tell you the way and be afraid
not to pay a lot of money, this way is priceless.I named it "Hardcore English Training"
This program requires you 3 months long, 4-6 hours a day, and strong
effort. I guarantee that you will speak like native in 3 months also
beat any one who has been abroad. Are you ready to accomplish this?
Here we go.Firstly, "stop using your own language"
Don’t get confuse. It means you have to make up your mind that there is
only one language in this world which is English. If you are Chinese,
no more Chinese, if you are Thai, no more Thai. For example, you watch
News on local channel everyday, don’t you? Change it to CNN instead or
any English news channels which available in your country. Stop reading
local newspaper, change it to any English one. Also change any local
media into English as well.Secondary, "Do anything in English"
for example, you usually note anything in your own language but from
now on, no more. Write it down in English even it is probably wrong.
Just ignore and keep doing it, you’ll get more experience and easier
soon. Moreover, there is no exception in your mind, you have to think
English! Are you crazy? No, I'm not I repeat, think everything in
English. This may be frustrated in the beginning but will be easier
eventually. Believe me, I’ve done it before.Thirdly, "Practice with movies"
this step requires you many DVD movies. Why DVD? You can select
language on DVD independently. Before start, I need you to choose your
favorite accent first. If you like British English accent you have to
watch English Movie. If you like American accent which is much easier
to find you just pick American accent movie. After you’ve chosen then
start watching it and exactly repeat what you hear. If you don’t know
any words you may turn subtitle on so you can know what actors/actress
actually says. How often? 2 movies a day should be ok.I
summarized this entire program as "Total English Environment" which
every thing surround you are in English. This may seem pretty tough,
you might give up and stop training and get back to your old-school
way. Before that, I would like to tell you, "Hardcore English Training"
is a successful way to make English skill stay with you forever without
spending much money, no need to go abroad. Worth to try, don’t you
think so? By the way, there are more details available on www.englishforefl.com/index.php we are also providing many techniques and how to study abroad for free as well.
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Here are few ways through which you can easy improve you English

  • Find a person who can speak fluent English and ask them
    to correct your mistakes.
  • Watching English tv shows and movies.
  • Take help from dictionary and try to learn 10 new words from dictionary daily.
  • Read books.
  • Take help from Cd's related to English lessons.
hope this might help buddy.

Have a nice day

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Okay, there are several very quick ways to learn the English language.

1) Move to England, Australia, Canada or the United States

If this is not possible, one should try to watch as much English speaking television as possible. Preferably, you should video record this and watch it back, so that you can learn correct idioms.

Read a British newspaper, that should give you a good grasp of English idiomatic language. However, you should choose your newspaper carefully, as some are more reliable than others.

Next, why not listen to the BBC World Service on your radio or computer, this is an excellent range of programmes and you can learn idiomatic high standard English.

You could also visit the United Kingdom for a short term English course in one of the many excellent language schools that exist within the UK.

If you can do none of these, get yourself an English friend!
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There is an online English solution for those who want to speak with a teacher from Canada. There is a company called TalktoCanada.com (www.talktocanada.com) that provides one-on-one English training over Skype. Something different, not sure if it works but they do seem to get a lot of customers.
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Thank you very much,now I do understand the proper way of learning english. I also want to learn speak English fluently,coz I'm not that good when it comes to conversation with someone else. I'm here in the united states 1 year now,petition of my husband but as what I said not that really good to speak in english.I feel very nervous when talking to somebody here in the u.s. I may think that they laugh at me when I say the wrong word  or I'm shy coz when I want to say something I forgot or I don't know how to say...can you also give me an advice to this.thanks! Sweety of Fremont!
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See the mirror and talk to yourself and practice
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There's no 'easy way' to speak a language. You need to work hard and forget about your laziness. Practice speaking to yourself (even though it sounds like insanity) and then try to notice and correct mistakes that you make. Additionally notice whether you can or not put everything you want in English and if you can't find a proper word then write it down in your native language and immediately find an English equivalent. Try to take part in some English forum or answer website, so you can adjust yourself to using you English just the way it's spoken and at the same time temporarily avoid that nervous situation of speaking to natives for real. To me view fear of speaking English happens to those who are too self-critical and objective naturally, so they can have some difficulties communicating in their native language too.  Just imagine how many people out there who can barely speak proper English proclaim that their English is fluent! I once came across a web profile of a girl from my native town who now is studying in Germany on an English-based master-program. She so arrogantly mentioned in her blogs as well as in her web resume that her English is fluent. But when I saw her profile self-presentation I thought 'Her English is at maximum elementary', considering she knows little about grammar, she simply translated from her native (Russian) language and she has nothing to do with understanding the logic of English. And she still passed TOEFL and thinks (as she noticed on her blog) her English is "5% -less proficient than native's"! I am myself, too, assured that my English is 'awful'. And no matter how 'awful' and poor it is, her English is still way poorer. So you just need to be confident. But if it doesn't help, then work hard and make your English really good! Good luck!
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You can learn the English language any time, anywhere! The Linguist is always on, always available. Just get online and start learning English, quickly and easily. Multilingual customer support is readily available. You can easily find the time to fit your English study into your busy schedule.
Use your portable audio player (MP3, iPod, Walkman) to learn English while travelling to work, walking the dog, or just about anywhere. Listening to English is a key part of The Linguist System. So when you're listening, you're learning! It's easy – and proven effective. .
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If you're still a little insecure, maybe you should learn a bit more english. A very easy way to pick up a lot of words is watching english tv-shows with subtitles in your native language!
When you feel secure enough, go online and chat to people from around the world. Maybe the website of your favourite band has a chatroom? People there are friendly and some of them don't speak english fluently as well, so there's nothing to feel ashamed about. Make some friends online and practice your english! When you type, you also have more time to think about what you're going to say, that makes it easier.
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According to me,  join some tutoring center,  read newspapers in
front of mirror,  and always try to speak in English with your colleague and

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Well you could take classes or you could also listen to and watch movies. Selma hayek says that is how she picked up the English language and look where she is at now.
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There are several very quick ways to learn the English language. As we notice that when a young baby born he/she can't speak and after few years he/she starts speaking but the same language which he / she listen from others.

First step / tool of learning any language is your sense of hearing, what you hear you remember it and use the same sentence / words in daily routine life. If you want to learn English you must start listening English programs / movies but your prime goal must be hearing every word / sentence very carefully and try to remember it.

Second best way to learn English is reading in this case you can read anything whatever you feel interesting and like to read. You can also visit BBC English web site or search for same kind of web sites available for English learning techniques / lessons.

Third is to improve your English speaking power which only can be improved with speaking practice. You practice this in front of mirror or with your friend on debating on your favorite program / movie / whatever you like.

Forth and last is English writing but you can't write anything in English until you have sufficient vocabulary and knowledge of basic grammar. In start before writing you must think few minutes about what you are going to write create a rough picture of it in your mind and than write. Hope all these techniques will be helpful for you and will improve your English.

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