What Does The Number 44 Mean?


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The number 44 has a large number of meanings depending on the context in which it is used. The many meanings include mathematics, astronomy, telecommunications and history.

In numerology, the number 44 is considered to be an important or potent number. It is said to be an excellent number for business, and it is also said to be connected to careers in the military. Many Chinese people would find significance in 44 because it is one way of expressing the number 8 (4 plus 4) and eight is considered a very lucky number in many Eastern countries.

In mathematics, the number 44 is what is known as a "happy number”.  The definition is of such a number is one where you    take the individual digits, multiply them my themselves (square them), add the squares and repeat the process until the number either equals 1 or loops endlessly.  (Numbers that end up as one are called unhappy numbers or sad numbers).

In physics, the number 44 is the atomic number of the element ruthenium, a hard white metal similar to platinum that is used in the manufacture of electronic components such as resistors.

In astronomy the object listed in the Messier star catalogue as object 44 is a cluser of stars in the constellation of Cancer which is also known to astronomers as the Beehive Cluster.

In history, the  year 44 AD is remembered for a number of events.  In Britain, the king of a celtic tribe called the Iceni, called Prasutagus, became married to his new bride - name Boudicca or Boadicea, and later famous as the leader of a rebellion against Roman rule.

Finally, the number 44 is significant in the fields of both telecommunications and firearms. Interestingly, 44 is the number you must dial to talk to anyone in Britain as it is the international dialing code for the United Kingdom.  And who can forget that the fictional Inspector Harry Callahan carried a .44 Magnum "the most powerful handgun in the world”.
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Well, I am a Christian too, and I have been seeing the number 44 and 444 since May 2011.  I was reading a Creflo Dollar post on Face Book about the end times, and 444 people "liked" it and there were 44 comments at the time I read it; it got my attention. Ever since then, 44 and 444 are everywhere!!  Now, those who are also my Christian sisters are seeing it everywhere too.  My one friend went on a bus trip and the name of their group was "44 we roll!"  Clocks, license plates, money, house numbers; I even realized that my home address was 44 until they changed it for 911 address..  When I prayed about it, I was given Mathew 24:44 to read.  I don't believe in coincidences, so.... I just know God must be trying to get our attention.
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I have been seeing this number sequence as well for months. I did some research and it means angels are surrounding you. It is a sign that angels are trying to contact you so pay attention to signs and symbols as this is a good thing and nothing to be feared! Look for synchronicities in your everyday activities as this is the way higher realms speak to us. Lucky us to be seeing these numbers!
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I'm Polish. It began with a night in which I saw on the clock 2:44 and then 3:44 later 4:44. Often I wake up at night and I saw 4:44 on the watch. A week before the tsunami in Japan, I had a dream in which the great waves of 10 meters in height struck the buildings. Additionally, I heard a voice: "Gather the people." Now I know that we are chosen by God.
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I can't believe this! I believed that me and my ex girlfriend were the only people who see this number every place!

I decide to google it, and wow, we are not alone!

This started when we were dating, someday we had chosen it for our number, for an unknown reason. Since this day, we wrote it everywhere, and we see him everywhere too.

She has the gift to see spirits, and I have a very strong spirituality, I feel good when I'm close to God.

Last december, we broke up, but it happened so strangely, that makes me believe that our history has not ended at that moment. I still love her and I feel deep down she still loves me, but I don't know if the 44 has to do with it.

I just know that this number follows me all the time, it seems to be some message, but do not know what or where.

Greetings, Alessandro
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In numerology, every number has different meanings. Other than numerology, numbers also have spiritual and biblical meanings. In numerology, the number 44 represents impeccability, intensity, discipline, controlled and focused energy, wisdom, insight and conviction.

If we see the meaning according to spirituality, then the digits 4 and 4 in 44 make 8 when added. Eight means success and wealth and opportunity. These things are the result of perseverance and continuation.
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I have been seeing 44 all the time for some time now. I see it at least 3 times a day I see 4 all day long. I was born on April 4th , 4/4 so it has been my lucky # my whole life. I really started seeing it in the past yr. I'm amazed at all the stories I have read with similar experiences. From seeing it so much lately I do think it is some sort of a sign. Glad I'm not the only one. I do know a sad fact about it thou. Martin Luther King was shot on April 4th 4/4 Its the only sad thing about my birth date I have ever noticed. Please keep commenting on this. Dec 21 10
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44 have been following me my whole life I was born on April (4) 4th. I started seeing it more when I turned 14. I turned 14 on 04/04/04. I see it every where on tv, on license plates, street addresses, everywhere.

On a side note another number I see is 101, I fount out last night that if you take the year I was born 1990, 19+90=109, and the month and day, 4+4=8, 109-8=101. Very weird.

44 4LIFE
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It means the number between 43 and 45.

The amount of cents I have left in my bank account at the end of the month.

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Friends. I am sure that the number of the angel 44 is a good number and I am sure that you will be very interested to read an interesting article here on this resource I had no idea that numbers, horoscope and numerology are so important in the life of each of us. I wish you all lots of positive numbers and emotions.

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I can only explain Angel Numbers by context. I started receiving them at the start of my twin flame journey, 11:11 being the most prominent one, shown as a time on a clock, the elapsed time of a video, or as 1111 views or votes on something. It was clear that l was being alerted to something, If you need more info about angel numbers you can see more info in this article. As time went on, I started receiving repeated number sequences, 222 and 2222, 444 and 555. I had no clue what these were so I looked them up to discover they were Angel Numbers.

Virtually any number can be an Angel Number. The distinguishing feature is that they occur frequently, the same number again and again, even though they are comparatively rare - any one Angel Number appears for just 2 minutes in a 24 hour period, and most for only 1 minute of our time awake.

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44, as with all numbers, is a measurement of quantity. Nothing more, nothing less, it alone has no meaning. Any quantity significance is relative to the items to be counted.
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Jeffrey Steven Foster - The tree outside my bedroom's shadow cuts across my bedroom's window and the broken slot I cut my wrist on has the back of a notebook over it, so the 2 streetlights shine in to cast a gigantic 44 on my wall everynight. . .  Sunday december fifth 9:39 pm

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