What is the difference between sequence of development and rate of development?


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Lets use Cognitive Development as an example. Cognitive Development is a theory made by Jean Piaget about the origins and development of human intelligence. From the birth of a child to the moment the child starts to talk, the child will go through different stages of development and at different rates. At first a baby will start to learn simple reflexes by exploring new objects through the means of touching and seeing, over an average period of six weeks. At the end of the six weeks, or sooner or later depending on the baby (this is an example of rate of development), the baby's hands will automatically grab whatever it is place in it's hand, due to the palmar reflex. Once the simple reflexes have been developed the baby will go into another stage of development where it develops primary circular reactions, and after once it has accomplished it over a certain period, it will move on to yet another stage of development and so on. This is an example of sequence of development as most babies will follow a similar pattern of development, and these stages are known as sequences. 

You could also look at your question in a different way, by defining the important words needed in the question and working out the differences from there. Here are the key definitions for you to come up with your own answer.
Development: It is a series of changes or growth that a process undertakes, normally to improve on that process, leading to a matured state.

Sequence: It is when an event follows one event after another; succession, and the events that happens after a previous event has taken place are normally dependent of the previous event.
Rate: It is a quantity of something in comparison with a unit of another thing. For example 6  spins per minute.
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Sequence of development would be the order in which the development happens and the rate of development is the spped at which development happens
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Sequence of development means the order in which things develop - one after the other, simultaneously etc, and in what order. Rate of development refers to  the speed at which things - eg companies, industries - grow, change, develop and so on. To understand the history of an organization you would need to look at both.
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These are both ways of analysing development.  Sequence of development refers to order.  Do things develop in an order and what is it?  Do they develop one after another and is there a pattern to this?  Rate of development refers to speed.  How quickly does something change or grow and can this be expressed as a number or a percentage.  Both sequence and rate of development should be studied when looking at over-all development in order to get a well-rounded understanding of the subject at hand.

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