The region of the central cortex known as the __________ is generally considered to be the site of higher mental processes such as thinking, language, memory, and speech?


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It is called the neocortex, it can also be called the neopallium or isocortex.

  • Definition and Purpose
The neocortex means new bark or new mantel. This is the part of the brain in mammals considered to be for higher mental processes. The cerebral cortex is made up of six layers, it helps maintain higher functions including sensory perception, motor commands, conscious thought, language, and spatial reasoning.
  • Composition
The neocortex consists of a material known as grey matter. It is actually a bunch of neuron cells and fibers that are surrounded by white matter. In humans the surface of the neocortex wrinkles and grooves allowing the surface area to increase, without taking up too much volume.

The neocortex is uniform with six horizontal layers separated by cell type and the neuronal connections. Some of the layers may not be as uniform as others. The division splits into a frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes that also provide different operating functions for the brain. Occipital lobe is mainly for sight, while the other areas may be more for cognitive processes. The frontal lobe of the neocortex is known as the area that controls behavior.

  • Risks
It is one of the reasons humans and other mammals such as primates are able to learn and evolve new functions, these include language. Given that this section of the brain is for higher function, it often can be affected with traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer's, or dementia. A person suffering from an injury to this area may be unable to speak, remember language, or control their behavior. Most of the patches in the neocortex for the grooves are a half a mm in diameter and 2 mm deep.

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