What Are Educational Problems In Pakistan?


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Pakistan is a developing country. The fact that the country is still developing shows that the educational system in Pakistan is not fully functional. Following are the problems faced by the educational system in Pakistan:

- Different curriculum in different schools and educational institutions.
- Different mode of teaching.
- Most of the teachers at Public and government owned schools are not that qualified or trained according to modern standards.
- Most of the curriculum taught in the Public sector schools is obsolete and outdated.
- Government schools do not have access to proper teachers or equipments.
- Government policies for education are not consistent.
- Private sectors fees are very high so a majority of population can not afford to study in these schools.
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There is no proper planning. Planning needs correct facts and figures which are not available. Innovations are neither research based nor are introduced after proper preparation. They are introduced with a stroke of pen, and are cancelled in equal haste.

Education policies are framed, but policies are framed, but are fully implemented with honesty and whole heartedness. Five policies were framed, the latest was in 1979. Over 1000 recommendations were made but only 25% were implemented. In Pakistan teachers are a neglected community. No incentive is provided by the governments or the society to the teachers and they are a community which is famous for its intellectual and economical backwardness.

The lack of funds is the most important drawback. The government does not have enough money to build more primary schools so that they may accommodate all the children in the school going age. The result is that the primary and the secondary schools are being crowded with children.

School buildings are in a bad shape. Buildings are neglected and dilapidated. They are thousands of schools without proper classrooms. There is no proper furniture or facilities of drinking water, toilets and playing grounds.
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I would say due to poverty they probably don't have enough text books and school supplies for everyone and to go around.  Also, not every child is probably allowed or can attend school.  And possibly not enough food for lunches and enough teachers for teaching.
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2.lack of interest
3.poor facilities
4.not given proper training to teachers!!
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There is a dire need for setting out right priorities in the said country. Defence budget needs to be cut down. Allocation of budget for education needs to be raised.
Corruption, Inequality, Lack of well Trained Personality in Education.
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Poverty is the main reason for illeteracy, being face by the people of Pakistan. Not have enough resources to payment their fees of children.
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Lack of political will. This shows feudalistic mindset to discourage the youth not to attain the education. Political hericary are afaraid that when whole nation will be educative they will not select party leaders or will vote them.
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I would like to highlight the main problem faced in Sindh, that is the annual examination problem, it has been a formality now for most of the students because of the unjust result and the copy system.. That should need lots of attention. The is the main problem faced.
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Main problem is that students as well as teachers are not interested in learning..thats it!
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Main Problems Face By The Education Sector In Pakistan

teachers did not understand the children according their hops, there is one way of study in pakistan is punishment, & load of books to much.
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We does not know when will be exams held so students can not make their mind to study well.Students study superficially and does not try to get knowledge

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