Is there another word for glass, like denim is to jeans?


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There is for glass as in a drinking glass such as  goblet, tumbler, cup, but I know of none that refer to glass as a material in the way that the words denim and jeans are used and even here jeans refers to a pair of pants or clothing made from denim such as a pair of jeans or a jean jacket, for example, and thus even these two terms are not totally synonomous.
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Silica?  Crystal?
I'm not sure in what way you mean.
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Fused silicates with soda,lime, etc...
Torched sand maybe..
Transparent stuff that is
Or, just call it by a foriegn say it in a different language other than english...
I really can't tell you!   What to call He he he.
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Crystal ??  Glass Is Made From Sand. So  Fired Glass? Tempered Glass Is Put On Like Car Windshields That Is  Glass Plastic Glass So If The Glass Explodes Like In A
Collision..  It Does Not Cut People To Ribbons.

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