How Is Denim Made?


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The history of Denim dates back to late 18th century. The name Denim has come from the name of a sturdy fabric which was made in Nimes, France and was called Serge. Since it was made by Andre family it came to be known as Serge de Nimes. When this material was adopted in other countries, its name was shortened to denim.

Denim is actually a rugged cotton twill textile. In this process, the weft passes under two or more warp fibers. This results in diagonal ribbing identifiable also on the reverse of the fabric.

Denim is available in two kinds. One is called Dry or Raw denim. It is not washed after being dyed. It is artificially distressed to have a worn in appearence.

Salvage denim is another kind of denim. In is also raw or unwashed denim which forms a clean natural edge.

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Denim is a fabric. It was originated in France. French name of the fabric is converted in American word, denim. It is cotton twill textile.It is also known by the name 'jeans'.    Denim fabric is usually used for work clothes. It gives comfort ness. It is durable also. Generally, mechanics and painters wear the work clothes made by blue denim. Denim fabric is unique in colour i.e. Blue.     It is woven with fine white warp threads and little bit heavier blue weft threads. The weave structure is twill. Because of the twill weave, fabric is very strong. In the traditional denim the blue weft is dyed with Indigo. Now days denim is woven with stretch threads for the change in the fabric.  Denim is highly popular fabric due to its hard wearing nature. Denim jackets, jeans, long skirts, pleated minis and shirts are available in the market. It does not require frequent washing and hence most of the people like it.
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It is made from 100% cotton

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