When Was Hercules Born?


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Actually it was hera ! Alcmena wanted to kill Hercules because of jealousy
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Umm no haha. Zeus had an affair with the mortal woman Alcemena disguised as her husband Amphitryon.
Hera found out about the affair when Hercules was born, and HERA was struck with jealousy about the affair, and she wanted to kill Hercules for what Zeus did to her.

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Hercules is the Latin version of the Roman name in for the divinity which corresponded to Heracles (or Herakles), the Greek mythological hero. The Roman name was a metathesis of the name used in Greece. This mythological character has no birth date in the different legends. The Greek literary versions of Hercules were incorporated by literate Romans around the 2nd century BC onwards, fundamentally unchanged. However the Latin stories of Hercules further had anecdotal elements of its own. Some of these details linked Hercules with the Western Mediterranean geography.

He is supposed to be the son of Jupiter and Theseus' grandson. Theseus is the Roman equivalent to Zeus, the Greek god and Alcmene, the mortal. Hercules was made to carry out twelve great tasks, known as 'The Twelve Labours of Hercules' and went on to become a god.

As a legend he is popular even today, with numerous books, movies television series and articles written on his life and adventures.
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This is a great answer to when was hercules born!!
He happens to be my favorite cartoon charter by the
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Hercules is the Mythical Greek Hero whose Greek name was Heracles. He was the son of Zeus and Alcmena.

Since he is a mythical figure there are no dates supplied for his existence. He wore a lion skin and club. He is tanned black, a champion and a great warrior. He destroyed many dangerous monsters and was always welcomed by the gods.

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1998?? Lol

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