What Type Of Data Would You Use The Pearson Formula For?


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Pearson formula takes on many forms but it is commonly used for calculating the correlation between two sets of data. There are two arrays of data for which the Pearson formula is used. If there are two sets of data x and y then there can be a negative, positive or no correlation between the two sets. Therefore the type of data that is used for applying Pearson formula is two arrays data. For numerical example click on the link:

Pearson data example

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No mention was made of the fact that this is a parametric test so interval or ratio level data is crucial.
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Importantly, Pearson's r is only suitable for interval (where the scale variable has meaningful, consistent and measurable intervals) or ratio (in addition to interval, there is a meaningful zero so ratios are possible) level parametric data. If you only have ordinal (meaningful order, but no meaningful intervals between measures) level data then it is inappropriate and the Spearman's rank correlation coefficient (rho) should be used.

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