Evaluate methods of presenting decisions made?


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There are numerous ways of presenting data to a client but you have to ask yourself several questions. Who is the client? To what will they respond best? What response do you require? Will the information and the decisions you made be transferrable between presentational styles? Will it be a formal presentation or can you have some fun?

Once you have answered these questions you can then set about shaping your presentation.

Personally if you are able to do so (as in whether the environment within which you will be presenting is accommodating and data allows you do) I would recommend the use of pictures, charts and visual stimuli as much as possible; a picture paints a thousand words after all. Of course if the decisions you have made cannot be transferred into numerical data any pie charts, bar graphs or statistical analysis will be pointless.

If this is the case then a video presentation might be the way to go as this will allow you to elucidate any difficult concepts on passage in an articulate manner without the hassle of verbally delivering the results. You can also work in graphics, titles and explanations into said video.

If you believe that you are required to undertake a formal process of presenting your information then you are going to have to get those typing fingers out and produce a report using the tone, tropes, codes and conventions that are inherent in the subject area which you are operating.

At the end of the day, you must fully understand to whom you are presenting these decisions that you have made and adapt accordingly.

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