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Managerial Roles

The entertainment business is one of the most profitable markets in the world. Many people have integrated music and musical icons into their social lives so much they don't see the business side of music, when the business side is by far the largest side. It may be covered by images of attractive women, but behind every performer there is a huge amount of people working hard to ensure more money later on. This article explains a few of the management roles within the music business as well as how they affect this business overall.
One of the first things many of those looking to get into the entertainment business must seek is an agent. An agent is fundamentally needed when it comes to getting actual work. They are responsible for contacting the others in the business who will help set up any given performance. This means clubs or venues and things similar. They're paid a percentage of the performer's profit, and the amount they charge is usually directly related to how many contacts the agent has.
Another managerial role in the music industry is a business manager. This person manages the financial work of the artist or band. Considering how many famous musicians there is that don't know a thing about academics, business managers help when it comes to the hard stuff. This usually means they must have extensive knowledge in accounting, taxes, contracts, stuff that no one else really likes to do. They are also usually the ones that help negotiate when it comes to contracts.
A third management role in the industry is the Artists & Repertoire Coordinator. Usually hired by the recording company, this person is responsible for signing new talent to the company, and also finding it. When many young amateur artists send their demo tapes to a record company, it's the coordinator that is looking at it and making a decision. The coordinator is also at times responsible for finding new music for current artists already on the record label to perform.
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