How often do you renew lpn license?


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According to the majority of states, LPN licenses should be renewed every two years and some states require licenses to be re issued whenever their current license is about to expire. In some cases you may have to provide evidence of continuing competency in order to qualify for this service.

LPN stands for licensed practical nurse which is a title that can only be obtained after they have completed a training program, passed a licensing examination and met other specific requirements. When a nurse receives the LPN license they will be expected to continue their nursing education so they can renew their license in the future. The requirement states that a minimum of 24 hours of classes in education must to be undertaken within the two year licensing period to meet this requirement. In some states nurses can obtain college credits in order to meet the criteria.

The most important aspect of qualifying for a LPN license is that the nurse in question passes a criminal background check. This is a process required in all licensing boards across every state. The only factor that does differ is the timing of the background checks. For example, the state of Michigan will request a criminal background check to be carried out every time a nurse renews her LPN license. The process consists of the LPN going to an approved fingerprint services vendor with a fingerprint request form accompanying it, along with photo identification and a fee for the background check. Once this has gone through to the fingerprints services vendor, they will file a license renewal application with the LPN and a receipt stating that the criminal background check has been done.

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